Helix Overview

Centralized Welfare Management System

Helix is a Centralized Welfare Management System that automates the delivery of welfare schemes implemented by various workers welfare boards constituted to ensure social security of unorganized workers. The solution aids as an online platform with the intent to provide timely welfare benefits to the eligible registered workers.

It helps automate the entire processes right from Registration (of Workers, Principal Employers), Submission of requests (for Pension, Maternity benefits & various other benefits/s schemes devised by the welfare boards), Processing of Requests, Approvals/Rejections, Membership Fee collection, Corpus Fund Management, Benefit Disbursal, etc.

Solution Highlights

Streamlined service with online payments, faster processing, unique worker IDs, increased registrations, efficient fund management, prompt e-renewal, and direct benefit transfers.

Online payment facility.

Reduced Application Processing Time.

Unique ID card generated for each registered worker.

Service delivery made easier resulting in increased number of Registrations.

Efficient Fund Management.

Prompt e-Renewal.

Direct benefit transfer to beneficiaries’ account.

Key Components of Helix

    • Registration
    • Subscription Management
    • Benefit Processing
    • Appeal Processing
    • CESS Collection
    • Fund Management
    • Dashboard/ MIS Reports
    • Mobile App for Registered Workers
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Data Analytics