Maintenance & Support

Elevate your IT operations with comprehensive Support, Maintenance, and Training Solutions Tailored by KRAN

Maintenance & Support

Enhancing IT Stability with KRAN's Tailored Support for Reliable Maintenance Solutions

KRAN offers dedicated Support and Maintenance services for various client solutions, including onsite and offsite support. This encompasses managing software maintenance for third-party solutions deployed by clients. The goal is to ensure the entire IT infrastructure operates cost-effectively, smoothly, and reliably.

They provide managed application maintenance and support tailored to customers' needs, continuously improving application stability and availability. This is achieved through a robust service delivery methodology, incorporating known error databases and standard operating procedures for efficient and effective support operations.

Our Approach

KRAN's Customer-Centric IT Support and Maintenance Solutions

KRAN provides customer-centric Support and Maintenance services, including onsite and offsite support, managed application maintenance, and operational assistance with training. Their strong service delivery methodology utilizes known error databases and standard procedures.

Offerings such as Warranty and AMC cover bug fixes, maintenance, version control, and release documentation. The Help Desk resolves queries promptly, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure with continuous improvement.


Real-time state audit tracking, efficient communication, faster corrections, streamlined execution, and successful post-audit closure.

  • Free Bug Fix
  • Maintenance/ Patch Releases
  • Version Control
  • Release Documentation
Operational Support
  • Handholding support
  • Normally Onsite
  • Training
Onsite /Offsite Tech Support
  • Data Correction
  • Admin Activities like User creation, Privileges
  • Doubt Clarification
  • Training during handholding period
Help Desk
  • First Level Resolution of Customer Queries
  • Telephone or Remote Assistance Doubt Clarification
  • Support Call Logging, Monitoring/ Closing
  • Audit Report
  • First Reply
  • Escalating unresolved queries