Direct Benefit Transfer

Transforming Social Welfare Delivery

Direct Benefit Transfer

Benefit Transfer made Simpler, Faster & Smarter

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) program launched by the Government of India to transfer the benefits (in the form of subsidies, scholarships etc.) of various social welfare schemes directly into the bank account of the beneficiary has been a very successful initiative. It has been aimed mainly at improving the distribution mechanism of the government and redesigning the existing practice in welfare systems, by making the transfer of funds quicker, secure and reducing the number of frauds. This ensures cash benefits are transferred by Government to individual beneficiaries. As a software solution provider, KRAN has been part of some of the major DBT schemes in the country.

Solutions in Direct Benefit Transfer

Fund & Benefits management is the solution that we offer under this domain. It covers the activities right from initiation of DBT through its processing to disbursement of funds to the beneficiary account. It also maintains a beneficiary database. This platform helps prevent duplication, fraud and corruption ensuring that the benefit reaches the right beneficiary

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Optimus facilitates Direct Benefit Transfer in India, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and financial inclusion while reducing administrative burden, all on a secure, customizable platform.

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