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Product Overview

Any large establishment especially in the government processes a large number of files on a regular basis. The sheer logistics defy conventional solutions. The efficiency of the organization more often than not, depends on the speedy and transparent processing of files. STAGE has been conceived to address this need.


STAGE – Speedy and Transparent Administration in Government Establishments has been designed on state of art platforms. The product can be implemented quickly and efficiently on any networked environment with minimal customization. The solution can be customized to effectively reflect the organizations file processing / routing hierarchy. Being a server resident program with no client machine components the product is easy to maintain and administer. Built on open technologies, STAGE is cost effective with no need for any proprietary product licenses. Any organization can be rapidly brought within the STAGE framework without impairing the existing processes during migration. STAGE could be the first major step towards comprehensive electronic processing of files in any organization.

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