KRAN's human-centric as against technology-centric approach has enabled it to get to the root of a client's problem quickly and effectively. KRAN has the ability to work closely with its clients to understand and accurately identify problem areas and suggest simple but effective solutions. The belief that technology is only a means to the solution and not the solution itself forms the essence of KRAN's work culture. The clients are guided through the implementation and integration processes and provided with the highest levels of training, support and on-site management. KRAN's focus has been on applications that are work-flow based and collaborative in nature. Recent projects have been designed and developed fully on open technologies and on three-tier architecture. Services offered:-


KRAN brings a fresh and innovative approach to Product development, Implementation and consulting services. We offer a range of new generation products and services in different domains like Training, HR, Loan Management, File Processing etc. Our products are exceptional in functionality and reliability, convenient to use, and cost effective. Each of our products is purposed to perfectly fill the void that the organizations have been earnestly seeking for.


Director, Factories & Boilers Kerala

" We are extremely happy with the competency, capability and commitment of the Technical Team of KRAN and confident to make this project one of the successful eGovernance initiatives in the country."

Managing Director, KSWDC

" M/s Kran has provided us with excellent support and services as and when required."

Commissioner&Secretary, Finance Department of Assam

" Kran has a very good understanding of the Government process and has the ability to positively interact with the Officers and Vendors alike."

Air Officer Commanding, Indian Air Force

" The Smartwings project developed by kran was implemented in NO.5 wing, Kalaikunda to our satisfaction..."

Director, Local Fund Audit Kerala

" We are happy to note that KRAN is very much committed in extending their assistance as and when required by the Directorate."

Secretary, Directorate Of Industries and Commerce

" Kran has the ability to understand and find solution to the practical difficulties of implementing IT projects in Government."